Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SnowJam 2014 and the impending Icelanta 2014

OOPS. I haven't posted in a while. Can I blame it on SnowJam 2014? Were you one of the ones who made fun of us ATL-iens?  Let me tell you about it.

I was a lucky one. Very lucky.  The catalyst that started the city shutdown was the fact Atlanta Public schools didn't shut down. Around noon, everyone got a robocall from the school system saying that schools would be closing.  We all had to leave work immediately from noon to two pm. If you're keeping up, that's five million people on the road at the.same.time.

I got my call at noon however, the call stated that schools wouldn't close until 2:30. Typically, the drive from my office to Luke's school is fifteen minutes. That's in traffic.  Reports started flooding in on social media sites that roads were getting really congested. "OK", I thought. "Let's check Google Maps to see what the drive is like." Within ten minutes of refreshing the browser, the time jumped from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. I ran in my boss's office and left as fast as I could.

It took me nearly three hours to get to Luke.  He was worried I had died.  I thought he'd be the last one there but in actuality there were many.

It was such a crazy time for the city. The first night a strange odor crept into my apartment. I thought it was a gas leak. I went to my neighbor directly above me and he thought the same. My apartment manager put Luke and I in a hotel room across the street. Thankfully, it was just major fumes from the apartment beneath us. They revarnished the wood floors and resurfaced the bathtub that day and since it was freezing out, they couldn't air out the apartment.

Luke missed three days of school.

Now the weather reports look like this:

So keep us in your thoughts. I'm really concerned about our power going out. 10 years ago Atlanta had a major ice storm and many residents were without power for 5 days. Thankfully we have gas heat.. but ya know, I only have so many candles! Icelanta 2014 is on its way!

And guys... I'm suppose to be going on my first plane ride Friday. New York is calling my name. Maybe just.. hope that the roads are safe enough and my flight isn't canceled... because ya know, New York's weather looks like this :

Snow day dump: