Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy birthday to ME

Whew!! I had cake with my family, my brother was in town so we took photos in engagement poses (haha), I went to Atlanta and hung out with friends.. I had waaaayyyy too much fun!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

picture heavyyyyy

holy crap! i've been busy.

finals, two christmas parties, kid was almost hospitalized, etc... i guess pictures will explain better.

for tradition's sake, laila and i lost our minds while studying for our 
programming final and did this silly photo shoot. (lexi joined us!)

yep.. this happened (a lot). 2nd quarter in the bag!

so after finishing up my last final, i came home in the middle of the night to a kid 
with lungs not moving air well. . 
so, the doctor it was. it took 2 one hour treatments to allow us to leave the doctor. 
she even said had i not been used to this, she would have hospitalized him. 

that night, he really wanted to do something christmas related. 
however, being outside wasn't an option. christmas lights drive-thru 
at chik fila did the trick.

this cutie was given to a sweet family with two young girls.
he's so adorable.

ah! i've lost quite a few pounds! success!

i took this at a retail complex. this was after the sandy hook shooting.

i ate two chocolates and both had the same thing inside.

we had a mom and luke day date.
i was so nice and long overdue.
i always forget how hilarious he is.
oh, and we christmas-ified the house.

a little car nap in the parking lot of the school before panel.

laila, lauren, and i at our secret santa christmas party.

laila's awesome present to me!!!

ugly christmas sweater party at fado! great times.

i want this. bad.

my sleeping friends in atlanta.

merry christmas!
im sick. boooo.

Monday, December 10, 2012

things you want to say to an ex // your views on mainstream music

blog challenge topic today makes me a bit hesitant. something i'd like to say to ex? .. it's all been said before and thankfully, i'm past it.  so i'm going to bypass this topic and skip to the next. there's nothing i'd really say that needs to be said. no hard feelings with any of them.

so. next topic.  views on mainstream music. 

as i get older, i find myself knowing more mainstream music than i used to. i went through that, "i'm too cool for pop music" phase. but whatever. i can embrace the crappy synthesizers and computer vocals. i guess.

but not nickelback. sick. or anyone that has vocals like his.

and rap-rock. kid rock? but now he's country? no. bon jovi on the country station now? shame.

but i loooooove kings of leon, gotye, kanye west, jay-z, the lumineers, taylor swift.. etc. so. i'm ok with it. 

the line stops at bieber. ew. and rhianna. although that birthday cake song is good.

i'm a contradiction.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

bullet your whole day.

  • luke walks in my room around 9am, talking talking talking, and waking me up. he climbs in my bed.
  • we snuggle and he watches youtube videos.
  • he asks for breakfast, i decide breakfast in bed.
  • i nap through his saturday morning cartoons.
  • when they're over, i wake up, check my email, facebook, texts, phone calls, instagram, and whatever else i'm connected to.
  • we get out of bed and on this particular day, my mom is off so we talk a while and i help her get our christmas tree out of the garage.
  • 2pm we put the christmas tree together 
  • i give luke his lunch and hop in the shower.
  • i throw my clothes in the dryer to get the wrinkles out and start putting on my makeup, getting ready to go to work.
  • get dressed, go get gas, come home.
  • give lukester and puppies kisses and bid farewell.
  • head to target by 3:45... and work/text until 11:30pm.
  • hollar. i'm off . 
  • get home and can't make it out of the car yet. i check my email/perezhiltion and have a moment to myself in my car.
  • 12pm get out of the car, give piper a snack, and head to the shower.
  • now i'm in bed writing this and about to do final projects.
what a fabulous life i lead.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

a book you love.

i have to say that my favorite book has always been the bell jar by sylvia plath. i read it once in college for a book report and fell in love. i recently saw the movie, Sylvia with gwyneth paltrow. so. good. anyway, i loved the struggle she had with happiness and never giving up on her husband though she knew he was long gone. it was devastating how she ended her life. those poor kids.

if i'm being honest, i'm kinda obsessed with 50 shades of grey. holy. crap. it has revived something in me. guilty pleasure.

Friday, December 7, 2012

something you feel strongly about.

yes, i'm a little late with this blog post. it was intended for yesterday however, i was at school from 9 am to almost 10pm. yea! finals! whew! i also have a new friend of the male species so i've been glued to my phone. yeehaw. -

anyway.. the blog challenge topic on the list today is something you feel strongly about.

there's a lot of things i feel strongly about to be honest. lets talk about something that i have strong feelings about that has recently been an "issue" in my life. marijuana

you can say what you want. "it isn't a drug." , "it's harmless." , "it is was less worse than drinking.", etc. and you know what? i agree that is not as bad as drinking. but you know what else? it still makes you experience something that isn't natural to your body. it changes the way you act. i also believe it can be a gateway to other drugs. and you can disagree. that's fine. but whatever you may be thinking or want to say to me is probably something i've already heard. i'm also never going to change my stance. 

you see, i grew up in household where my first memory was stuffing my barbie doll down a bong and pretending she was in one of those enclosed water slides. yes, i probably four. i'm not a believer in sheltering your children. i think that making a topic "taboo" only makes them want to experience whatever it is more. HOWEVER, i think it's a bit ridiculous that my parents smoked out in a bedroom with all windows and doors closed with my brother and i inside. 

imagine being in d.a.r.e. class and your officer showing you what various drugs look like and realizing "omg. my parents do that!" .. i threatened to tell my d.a.r.e. officer on my parents. true story. my mom quit that day. (2nd grade)

anyway, i will not be in a relationship that likes to smoke cigarrettes; much less pot. i hate it. it brings back the memories of living with a dad that was high 90% of the time. it was annoying, embarrassing, and aggravating. every time i see someone who is high, it throws me back to that time when i'd look at my dad with those glassy eyes and that smell...... good.lord. that smell. and i am immediately filled with resentment. why couldn't my parents just be normal? why couldn't my dad just be a functioning adult and be the typical dad that was there for his kids? why did he always have to be inhibited? did i ever really know his personality without drugs? probably not. 


Unable to act in a relaxed and natural way because of self-consciousness or mental restraint.

i'm not saying that all people that smoke pot are like my dad. however, given the choice.. i will not be with someone who partakes in such activities. this does not make me a prude; this is just something i feel strongly about. if you grew up in my house with my dad, you wouldn't judge me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

five ways to win your heart

i'm taking part in a 30-day writer's blog challenge. there's a list of topics to do for 30 days. i'm a little late but i couldn't resist. the reason i stopped this blog is because i couldn't post any positive thoughts. this way, it will force me to.

day one: five ways to win your heart

  1. do the little things. surprise me with giving me your sweater when i'm cold (without asking), leave me a nice letter about how much you love or want me. simple stuff. it means a lot. 
  2. spend time with my son. he can be relentless because lets face it, he hasn't had a male in his life. he loves it when there is one around. he will want you to play video games or go on scavenger hunts. it gets to be tiring but it really touches me when someone goes above and beyond. especially when my son feels special as well.
  3. cook a meal for me. without me asking.
  4. have meaningful conversations with me. and listen. when you listen and remember what i've said, it speaks volumes.
  5. get to know my family. and be active in my family. and wear shoes and that aren't white! white shoes turn me off.