Thursday, October 17, 2013

i finally bought so now i'm a legit web developer.

need a site? have a friend that needs a site?

get at me.

shameless self promo.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

fair 2013.

luke's out of school from thursday to monday and as luck would have it, my mom is off of work those exact days. this girl has needed a break for a while so i felt like fate was stepping in! my mom was so glad to take luke. i didn't even ask. she volunteered. i LOVE that woman.

you'd think i would have gone crazy; drinking, partying. but nope.. i met up with a friend and we ate at a relatively expensive restaurant like adults. i think i drank one sangria over the course of an hour or two?  the party life... that's right.

dinner time! iberian pig. SO GOOD.

the fair is in perry this week.. i've never missed a year. even though luke was with my mom i knew i had to make the trip down to go with him. i picked brent up along the way and we made a day/night of it. afterwards, i came back to atlanta.. leaving luke in warner robins. 

it was the first time i can ever remember him caring that i was leaving. it BROKE my heart. he cried a painful cry.. telling me he really wanted to go back home with me because he'd miss me. but he was also torn because he really wanted to spend time why my mom. 

poor baby...
it was so hard.

ferris wheel with my love.

petting zoo! he fell in love with the shetland pony.

he wasn't scared at all of the clown. but he's scared of santa.

this was the first ride. the merry go round!

this guy is my favorite. every. year.

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this is melvin. he was just a little baby last year. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ah... there you are, asthma!

my little dude has began to have his yearly bout of asthmatic troubles. unfortunately, the weakened immune system has made him susceptible to allergens he's never been exposed to before. the new environment is really taking a toll on his poor body. he started with hives all over him yesterday and today they were even between his toes! poor baby...

we still haven't declared a pediatrician here as i haven't gotten a good idea of the area yet. this meant that yesterday my only option was to take him to the nearby urgent care center.. a part of egleston. i'll NEVER go there again!  the doctor there was awful, rude, looked at me as if i was negligent, and made fun of luke! so today when luke woke up sick and blue again, i decided to bypass egleston (it's 8 minutes away) and head over to scottish rite.. 30 minutes away. the doctor at scottish rite was brilliant! he gave me his children's pediatrician's number as well as a wife/husband practice of pediatric pulmonologists.