i'm rachael. i'm 28 and losing brain cells everyday. i'm the mama  to a little boy i affectionately refer to as "little dude". sometimes luke, L, or kiddo. he is the reason i wake up everyday. a little background: his father and i dated for a few years until i found out i was pregnant and we officially called it quits. his dad is getting married and truthfully, i am at peace with this after many years. 

i, myself, am chronically single and on most days, i'm ok with this. i've done the eharmony route as well as match.com, plenty of fish, and okcupid with little luck.

my dad is not in the picture as he met his new wife on myspace (haha) after 25 years of marriage. he currently lives in oklahoma and has chosen to disown us. i'm ok with this on most days as well. so, my life typically consists of my little boy and my mom. we live happily ever after. we pick up each other's pieces from time to time but i think we're doing just fine.

i enjoy reading and blogging in my free time. i also enjoy long walks on the beach. yeah, not really. i work for a major retailer in the pharmacy area. i'm currently enrolled at walden university online and hope to earn my bachelor of science with a focus in child development. my passion is helping children with cancer so i hope to be a childlife specialist one day.

i have a phobia of capital letters. i'm an ee cummings fan. .. and a lover of music.

a little key-

little dude = my main squeeze. of the 3 foot variety.
mom = sometimes 'ho' as well. my best friend. that's how we roll.
bfflz = the best friend i never see anymore. but she still holds a piece of my heart.
big c = the man that last broke my heart. we met on match.com.
baby dady= this is little dude's daddy. we get along usually. he won't be mentioned often.