Sunday, December 15, 2013

the holidays really are the happiest time of the year.

We've been having a blast this holiday season! There's so much to do here in Atlanta and I'm not even sure we'll get to it all! Last weekend we went to a place called Global Winter Wonderland. It was incredible. I'm not easily impressed however, I was truly blown away. I think maybe we'll go again! It's a pop up carnival/circus/lantern extravaganza in the Turner Field parking lot. Have to admit it was a little bittersweet to be next to the Braves stadium and knowing it won't host many more games.. but that's another discussion. Bitter feelings here!

This weekend we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the light show. It was .. ok. I would have much preferred to go to Calloway again. It was much better but my family came up and hung out so that was nice. We had a good time!

I did a web site a little while ago as a side project for a salon in Midtown. We exchanged services for payment so I've had a pretty large sum on a gift card just waiting for me to get some hurrr stuff done. I finally bit the bullet and cashed some in. I feel so good again. I feel like my old self. Amazing how a hair cut can change that! I'm going again the day after my birthday to get some color and a keratin treatment. As of right now my hair is au natural.

As if that isn't enough, I went to see Butch Walker for a Christmas concert........ SO GOOD. How can I have seen him so many times and he's still amazing? I never get sick of it. Not only that, I convinced my cousin Samantha to go with Sarah and I. It was her first time. I was excited FOR her. haha. The we went to Clermont Lounge, naturally. I love that place. It was just WAY too crowded.

And of course, here's a photo dump!

this was contributed during a recent throwback thursday. 
That's right.. kindergarten. 1989. 
I was top seller for the school 
and won the "brand new on the market OG Nintendo" !

The remnants of sickness.

He stayed up way too late the night before this and I told him he wouldn't be allowed to go to Global Winter Wonderland if he didn't jump in bed for a 30 minute nap to get in a better mood. He was serious about going because he was out in 2 seconds.

This is just one of LANTERNS at Global Winter Wonderland. 
That's the White house and Luke for proportion.

We had so much fun!

Another lantern!

And a Fellini's pizza date after.

For years I've wanted someone to ride this with me because it's my absolute favorite ..
 but no one would ever because they hate it. 
I begged Luke and he did. HE LOVED IT. 
We rode it twice! (his idea)

Weekends are the absolute best. 

This is one of the views outside of my window at work. 
Atlanta has been miserable this past week. 
It rained for like 2 weeks straight it felt like!

I just love a beautiful mess app.

Oh! We saw The Man at Global Winter Wonderland. 

I posted this on IG to show people I dress like a big girl for work sometimes.
We can wear whatever we want.. jeans.. sure. 
But recently I've been putting in some effort and it makes me feel good.

This is my crazy kid at the Botanical Garden.

And my little crazy kid when I came home for lunch one day.
It's very hard to leave him.

And this! Is my hair cut! 
If you need a salon, 
can hook you up!
..And I did that site.

This was our pregaming for the Butch show.

We've known each other a loooong time.

and we still frands.

And my cousin! Sam! I really love her.

..... and before the greatness started.

My job shuts the office down the ENTIRE week of Christmas so I'm so super excited. Not to mention... my BIRTHDAY! Dirty 30.

Monday, December 2, 2013

it's beginning to look a lot like.....

I don't know, guys. Something about the holidays just gets me every.time. I am so excited about the new traditions Luke and I are making. I'm excited for the Christmas that has thrown up all over my apartment... I mean, I know I have a pretty big apartment but three trees!? Yes, it happened. It's all so exciting.

Luke and I have had the perfect couple of days. We built a fort, made s'mores and watched the Grinch, we finally went to the original Krispy Kreme, we put up our trees, watched Home Alone, and had a dinner date at the mexican place down the street. He has such a good heart. I'm a very lucky mom.

Tree one.

Stockings! Luke is very concerned about mine/Henry's
stockings being white. 

"How is Santa going to know which one is which?!"

more decorations.

and more.

eeek. i used the big 80's christmas lights in clear!

luke's tree. he did it all by himself!

my table decorations.

mexican food with my date.
he was watching football.. minutes after alabama lost.
let's not talk about it. sore subject.
then he started making dead baby jokes..
i don't know where he gets this stuff from.

henry, luke, and i all curled up watching Home Alone.

he has human eyes. 
and i love him so much.

the original krispy kreme.

henry's new napping spot.

while we decorated our gingerbread house!

a fort, some s'mores, and the grinch.
also, i'm getting old because my hips were killing
while laying on those wood floors.

"Dear Santa,  I hope you have a great day tomorrow.
From Luke Thomason.
Merry Christmas."

sweetest kid.

Santa wrote a letter back and Bob delivered it.
I can't wait to see Luke's face in the morning.

I went black friday shopping but I didn't bring a sweater
for the cold weather. I found this sweet DIY in my mom's closet
that I made when i was super young.

Found this cute chub while decorating my mom's tree.

And this! OH my sweet, baby boy.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did. I decided to dust off my camera and actually take some pictures. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Luke's been getting bullied at school.  The first time it happened I was a little angry but brushed it off to "boys being boys". After all, I want my child to be able to fight his own battles one day and maybe standing up to some little jerk kids would help that.

He said a little boy passed around his iPad at his after school program and let everyone play except him. He mocked Luke's voice (high pitched) and told him he couldn't play his game. When Luke offered to help the kid beat a level because he had already done so, the kid told him "You aren't my boss! Leave me alone!"  As a mom, I think my blood pressure shot up and I wanted to kick a little six-year-old's ass. But I resisted. I told Luke to tell the teacher if he felt he couldn't handle the situation.

Day two. The little kid and his friend asked to see Luke's artwork then proceeded to tear it up all while laughing. Luke was devastated. He's very serious about his art. It's his passion. He said this particular piece took him 30 minutes to do. I emailed his teacher.

She was awesome. She was visibly upset. Bullying is a touchy subject these days. No tolerance. Although it wasn't happening during her classroom hours, she still took it upon herself to talk with the after-school coordinator.

Things went well the next few days. About a week later, Luke said he had made an elaborate board game. He drew it, cut pieces out, and asked the little bullies if they'd like to play. They said, "sure!" .. then took the pieces from him and tore them all up. Again, I talked with the teacher.

The thing is.. Luke is so painfully shy he won't tell anyone when it is happening. He'll internalize it. He'll even make excuses for the bullies. "Well, they were just playing. They aren't trying to be mean." It is heartbreaking to sit back and watch.

One more time happened with an incident with one of the same kids pushing down his legos he had built. This time, however, a third grader saw the situation and told.

BUT.. the last straw was when the kid punched him in the stomach. HANG ON. You don't touch my child. Much less PUNCH HIM in the stomach. When I say I was livid, it is an absolute understatement. I talked with the coordinator who immediately pulled the kid aside and sat him, Luke, and I in an empty room at a table. I've never seen a kid squirm so bad.

I don't know if it was the fact that I was there or what, but Luke did not back down when confronting the kid. The little jerk kept denying until finally Luke said, "No. It was you. You know it was you." He admitted.

Thankfully we haven't had any more issues. In fact, since that little impromptu meeting the kid has tried to be Luke's friend.

All of this to say that I enrolled him in jiu jitsu classes. After the first class he was a completely different person. He holds himself differently. He has a confidence about him that wasn't there before. They day he got his uniform was hilarious. He was SO excited. He started walking differently!

It's the best thing we've ever done.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm blank because..

I'm weird because...
I can't sleep without my hair in a pony tail and my bangs pinned back in a bobby pin.
I hate soup. The idea of drinking a meal makes me cringe.
my child asked me where babies come from I told him. All of the details.
I hate jewelry. Bracelets are the worst.
I hate milk except in cereal. However, I will not drink the milk in it.
I know nothing about history except the Holocaust. The first "big" book I was read was The Diary of Anne Frank, in second grade.

I'm a bad friend because...
I'm not good at keeping in touch.
I don't do well socially in a large group of people.
I sometimes take days to respond.
I don't keep plans every time.

I'm a good friend because...
I will always listen.
I'm good at participating in a bitch fest.
I remember the little things.
I'm good at giving thoughtful presents.

I'm sad because...
most of the time I think I'm damaging my child. Am I doing a good enough job? Am I supportive enough?
I really would love to have more patience.
I'm so cynical.
I miss my family.
sometimes I feel like my peers are moving on without me.

I'm happy because...
I'll be 30 next month and I've accomplished much of my 30 before 30 list.
I've got my own apartment, living on my own.
I've got the best kid in the world and he loves me.
I've got the best mom in the world as well.
I can finally appreciate girl friends.

I'm excited for...
the future!
my birthday.
decorating for the holidays.
seeing my brother.
finally having the money to travel next year.

Friday, November 8, 2013

halloween, daylight savings time.

i don't know if it's the shorter days or the cold weather but i'm in some kind of funk.  i've been very low energy lately and bedtime can't come fast enough. i always go through this during the fall. it's funny because fall is my favorite season. the weather just makes you want to have a partner to keep you warm. sitting closely on the sofa under a blanket. the past decade i've been single more than i've been in a relationship. i need to change that. i need to put myself out there. meet men, not boys. someone that's going to choose me as his first choice.  i have this cycle where i find guys that are just getting out of relationships and need someone to mend their broken hearts. i guess i like playing the role of nurse because i've helped so many. but what's good about that for me? nothing. it's time to take charge because i'm worth it, damn it.

anyway, luke is doing great. his reading level has improved and homework hasn't been nearly as traumatizing. he is now in jiu jitsu and i think it's the best thing we've ever done. he actually told the teacher on one of the bullies! way to go, luke.

luke's on top practicing his crocodile hold.

everyone says i look like flo from progressive.. so i decided to be her.
i won $100 at work for best costume!

minecraft steve, flo, and darth vader.
halloween 2013.

this guy has a bed, a crate, and a toy box.. 
but he prefers a box luke drew on.

his minecraft creeper pumpkin.

the little five points parade!

little 5 points parade part deux.

luke and his friend johnny.
and i pretty much love kristin, johnny's mom.

i've been putting more effort into the way i look.
why not.

see? a dress!