Tuesday, March 26, 2013


i work across from the high museum. 
my favorite thing to do is count how many school 
buses come by for field trips.

pretty new nail polish i'm trying out for a photo shoot i have soon.
yes, photo shoot.

this guy wanted to go to academy sports after
 our date the other night. 
he tried on the t-ball helmets but .. as you can see, 
he's got a huge head and none of them fit!

our pizza date. he's so cute!!

lukester wasn't feeling well this past weekend
 and only wanted "a wotta fruit" for breakfast. 
because i'm feeling like a bad parent for being in
 atlanta monday thru friday, i decided to be a "good" mom
 and cut up tons of fruit. 
me + a knife = never a good idea. just one slice of the finger!

from the window of the break room at work.

my new dress!

luke's new shoes.

i sit at the bottom of these stairs and watch people on lunch.

how i feel i about traffic.

Monday, March 11, 2013

lets see.

lets see :

  • i got an internship. this puts me in atlanta monday thru friday, 8-5pm. daily.. and im so excited. i've worked one day but i'm pretty sure this is the career i should have always had
  • i went to nashville on friday and rode the megabus. it was double decker and supa fun. i crossed off an item on my "30 before 30 list". i saw butch walker in another state.
  • in nashville, i came out of my shell for a night and made some new friends.
  • final week of the quarter is this week. sleeping is not going to happen until saturday. good. grief i'm tired.

seriously. it doesn't make sense how beautiful he is.

nashville. minnie pearl, represent.

posted at my school.

skyview from the double decker bus. 

hello tennessee. 

mekenzie and i. 
butch walker.


our cab driver was puerto rican. he was belting out 
"back to life.. back to reality". this was my reaction.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

another update.

since watching the perks of being a wallflower, many people have said my little dude looks as though he will grow up to look just like the character charlie (actor logan lerman). after watching the movie way too many times to count  a few times,  i have to agree. in fact it sorta freaks me out.

the shape of the eyes, the hair cut, the lips, the eye brows, the nose. it's all really creepy. i do know one thing: girls are going to hate me because i'm going to be evil to them. i'm going to make some girls jump through hoops for this cute boy. 

anyway, third quarter is coming to a close at school. it seems like yesterday it was july and i was just starting the circus. it's been worth it and i've really learned so much. i've come such a long way.

i'm going to nashville on the megabus this week. i'm so freaking excited. i'll be seeing my lifelong love, butch walker. YES.

i came across this in a magazine today while getting an oil change. apparently i'm a vulgar parent. "butter bean"? i call luke "lukie dookie" and "buttcrack".. oh and my personal favorite, "farty mcfarterson".

this has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. this was last year in pre-k. look how he just oozes that, "yeah, i'm hot" factor. i have no idea how we made such a beautiful child.

oh and look at that cute three-year-old before he knew how to give fake smiles. before he began to really have an idea of how cruel people can be. (not that he has a real clue right now.)

now look at how big! squishy face, love love love him.

sorry. having a moment. i won't be seeing his adorable little face until sunday. although i'm really excited about nashville, i'm conflicted because of him. it's a mom thing.