Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 before 30.

when i was 18, i made a list. a list of goals i wanted to accomplish before turning the big 3-0. i'm lacking. but nothing in life is as it seems. nothing goes as planned. so recently i found this list. i didn't get to 30 things. i got to 18 or so. so i've added some as the present day 27 year old self. YIKES. i need to get busy!

30 things to do before 30.

  1. learn to play guitar
  2. earn a college degree
  3. get married
  4. have a child - 6.18.07.
  5. become financially independent
  6. own a house
  7. have another child
  8. visit at least half of the fifty states
  9. go overseas to london
  10. move to atlanta - 8.2004
  11. learn to sew
  12. learn to cook
  13. take a road trip cross country
  14. become closer to my mom - 5.2007
  15. build a house
  16. become a nurse
  17. go to coachella. . just once
  18. make a good girl friend
  19. host a dinner party
  20. visit the holocaust museum in dc
  21. visit new york in the fall
  22. go to disney world
  23. get fit and toned. in shape.
  24. become a runner.
  25. buy an expensive camera. and learn to use it.
  26. make time to create more art
  27. quit target
  28. make a budget by dave ramsey and stick to it
  29. become debt free
  30. own a king size bed

so....... we'll see ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

so.. it's been a while..

my, my.. how times change in the blink of an eye. let's see.

after complaining and moaning about being single, i think i've finally fallen for a guy who is worth my while. he is a man. he enjoys my son and myself. what's not to like? he can take care of us. i'm at ease around him. thanks, haha.

honestly, i crave his presence. this isn't some "oh i've been single for 4 years and i'm settling for the first person to look my way" post. no, i'm a realist. i live with my son's best interest in mind. i would never make some rash decision like.. fall head over heels if i didn't think he was worth it. but he is. goodness, he is. i like his smile, his scent, how he makes me feel secure when he hugs me. how he laughs at my stupidity. how he didn't run away when luke had an uber-ultra-i'm two years old again-meltdown in the middle of target one day. he simply took him to the car and rationalized with him. see? perfectly imperfect.

i guess i've done something good along the way for him to come in my life. i'm thankful everyday.

enough of the mush.

i made this for luke's room in a few months: