Saturday, May 25, 2013

time to check in.

life's been crazy lately. this week has been a pretty terrible week. the kind of week that makes you want to scream (and i did!) "can i pleaaaase get a do-over??"   my car overheated on monday which lead to towing it. i was in midtown and had to pull over at the gas station, buddy's. should have grabbed a king of pop as a i waited for an hour but.. i didn't.  i started stressing about costs because this is just not the time for unexpected costs to pop up. $470. that's right. so i drove my friend's car all week.

i lost my driver's license and had to pay for a replacement... my instructor was not the happiest with me for not turning in my homework (hello, i have a j-o-b. i'm busy). anyway, just a fun week. in hindsight, it probably wasn't such a big deal but at the time i was over it. 

everything i just said should also be erased because my problems are NOTHING compared to oklahoma. oh man! the tornadoes. my heart breaks for the people who lost everything. those innocent child.. i donated to the animals as i always do. it's just so . darn . sad. however, my brother is ok! he lived one county over from here it all happened and he's ok. no harm done. a cousin of mine lost a few things. i can't imagine.


today at work i was listening to taylor swift all. day. long. i couldn't get enough. i bought the Red album when it came out and i fell in love with it. unfortunately, i was also in love with a boy at the time. so i took a hiatus from the cd. there was time every song made me giddy inside like one of those girls. haha.  so it was great to finally be able to listen again to those songs and look back with a smile but glad i'm where i'm at now.

me at the office..

i don't know.

look at what my beautiful little boy made me!
it's really funny because i do. not. cook. 

flashback thursday instagram.
man, i was a cute kid.

i went to a meetup last weekend for rails girls. 
they gave us some sweet, nerdy glasses.

i didn't tell him to do this.
be still, my heart.

rockin' some mailchimp and big nerd ranch paraphernalia.

crazy loon. 

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