Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ah... there you are, asthma!

my little dude has began to have his yearly bout of asthmatic troubles. unfortunately, the weakened immune system has made him susceptible to allergens he's never been exposed to before. the new environment is really taking a toll on his poor body. he started with hives all over him yesterday and today they were even between his toes! poor baby...

we still haven't declared a pediatrician here as i haven't gotten a good idea of the area yet. this meant that yesterday my only option was to take him to the nearby urgent care center.. a part of egleston. i'll NEVER go there again!  the doctor there was awful, rude, looked at me as if i was negligent, and made fun of luke! so today when luke woke up sick and blue again, i decided to bypass egleston (it's 8 minutes away) and head over to scottish rite.. 30 minutes away. the doctor at scottish rite was brilliant! he gave me his children's pediatrician's number as well as a wife/husband practice of pediatric pulmonologists.

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  1. Hey Rachael - we go to Dr. Philip Spandorfer at North Atlanta Pediatrics. He is awesome sauce. Office is right across the road from Northside Hospital...if you're still looking for a doc for Luke that is. :)