Monday, December 2, 2013

it's beginning to look a lot like.....

I don't know, guys. Something about the holidays just gets me every.time. I am so excited about the new traditions Luke and I are making. I'm excited for the Christmas that has thrown up all over my apartment... I mean, I know I have a pretty big apartment but three trees!? Yes, it happened. It's all so exciting.

Luke and I have had the perfect couple of days. We built a fort, made s'mores and watched the Grinch, we finally went to the original Krispy Kreme, we put up our trees, watched Home Alone, and had a dinner date at the mexican place down the street. He has such a good heart. I'm a very lucky mom.

Tree one.

Stockings! Luke is very concerned about mine/Henry's
stockings being white. 

"How is Santa going to know which one is which?!"

more decorations.

and more.

eeek. i used the big 80's christmas lights in clear!

luke's tree. he did it all by himself!

my table decorations.

mexican food with my date.
he was watching football.. minutes after alabama lost.
let's not talk about it. sore subject.
then he started making dead baby jokes..
i don't know where he gets this stuff from.

henry, luke, and i all curled up watching Home Alone.

he has human eyes. 
and i love him so much.

the original krispy kreme.

henry's new napping spot.

while we decorated our gingerbread house!

a fort, some s'mores, and the grinch.
also, i'm getting old because my hips were killing
while laying on those wood floors.

"Dear Santa,  I hope you have a great day tomorrow.
From Luke Thomason.
Merry Christmas."

sweetest kid.

Santa wrote a letter back and Bob delivered it.
I can't wait to see Luke's face in the morning.

I went black friday shopping but I didn't bring a sweater
for the cold weather. I found this sweet DIY in my mom's closet
that I made when i was super young.

Found this cute chub while decorating my mom's tree.

And this! OH my sweet, baby boy.

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