Monday, June 30, 2014

bucket o' list.

  1. try creme brulee
  2. go for a hot air balloon ride
  3. visit the following places: 
    • london
    • travel the west coast from seattle to southern california
    • austin
    • new york, again.. many times 
    • tampa (move there?)
    • costa rica
    • boston and more of the northeast 
    • austraila 
    • france
    • disney world
  4. achieve my ideal weight
  5. solely freelance
  6. see the braves at another stadium - out of state, not cobb county
  7. drive PCH (see places to travel)
  8. go camping
  9. see a live jimmy fallon show  
  10. learn how to show feelings
  11. sit on a jury
  12. fall deeply in love -- helplessly and unconditionally
  13. karaoke?
  14. find the perfect drink for me
  15. give up soda
  16. ask someone on a date
  17. say what i really feel in the exact moment i feel it
  18. write my will
  19. ride the london eye
  20. forgive my dad
  21. volunteer with cancer kids
  22. make the first move
  23. visit Auschwitz
  24. and the Anne Frank museum
  25. and the holocaust museum in DC
  26. catch a ball at a Braves game

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