Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two month catch up.

Whew, it's been a while. Things-

Halloween-  I've got to brag about this spectacular child I'm raising. As we were trick-or-treating, there was a little guy, 4 years old, who was going to house to house with his mom. He was terrified to go up to the doors by himself. Luke went up to him and said, "Hey. I'll show you what to do". The kid fell in love with this older boy who had taken him under his wing. He spent the entire evening taking the little boy to each door. It made me so proud to be his mom. Did I mention he went as Luke Skywalker? MY DREAM.

Thanksgiving- It was the first major holiday without my Granny. The siblings are going to sell the house so this holiday season may be our last there. There seemed to be a missing piece while there and tears were definitely shed. Luke came up with this great idea to have everyone sit in a circle and tell what each person was thankful for. It was actually such a good idea.

Laid off- Yes, Friday I was laid off. 2 weeks before Christmas. Did I mention I'm the sole provider? Ah yes. It was a humbling, devastating, and terrifying situation. By Tuesday I had a job offer. By Thursday I had another. Since I have enough money to last another month, I accepted an offer (more money too!!) and asked to start in the new year. It turned out to be a blessing because now I get to spend the entire holiday season with my boy. After I accepted the offer today I finally felt that Christmas spirit. Better late than never!

Family pictures. It was a Christmas present for my mom. I love them.

Henry wearing his Cone Of Shame. 
He injured his eye.

Luke's tennis lessons came to an end. He got a level 3. (SO GOOD)

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