Thursday, September 16, 2010

i'm falling apart.

a lot has happened since that last post. i've been having "issues" with my bowels. (haha) so i went to the dr. i'm on a medication for that now.. i also had bloodwork done because i just had a feeling that something wasn't right with my body. a week and a half later, i got a phone call saying i had hypothyroidism (the kind that makes you fat). yay me! next course of action would be the obligatory synthroid dosing and periodic blood work to make sure my thyroid hormone is stable. right now, i'm on a starter dose of 50mcg. i was feeling pretty good for a few days. i woke up at 10am refreshed. now, my body is used to this dose and i'm beyond exhausted.. not to mention it is drying out my eyes, mouth, nostrils, and even my skin! it caused two different times of pink eye.. it is always something i suppose.

fall is the in the air (or at least in the stores) the temperature still hasn't gotten low enough to enjoy the outdoors yet. dang this 90+ degree weather! luke has already gotten his batman costume for halloween. i think the fact that it is my favorite holiday has rubbed off on him. he just can't wait! i'm so thankful for that kiddo.

more as it comes..

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