Wednesday, September 1, 2010

...I may actually start dating!

i have a 'meeting'. with someone of the opposite sex. this is what i have been praying for for a while now. ' God, just please send me someone worth the while.' enter boy. i'm so excited i may throw up. at the same time, i am so terrified i may throw up. i'm pretty sure vomit will be involved. sexy, huh. the part of me that is a cynic and pessimist really has some walls up. hopefully i will be able to find the balance between being guarded and pushing people away.

four years. and my dry spell may end. raise your glass to that! (hopefully this works.)

1 comment:

  1. Glancing upon scripted phrase of positive turns, I do believe vomiting may very well be, in who ever this lucky "boy" is, unfortunate arsenal as well. Whomever this fortunate soul may be, as he steadily approaches this "meeting" he too will be juxtaposed in fear riddled empathy. I am sure however, he flaunts no misgivings, and has developed a character which you will be fond of. As an avid reader of said blog, this boy has to have an understanding, and will to engage the walls of unwilling circumstance. In other words, lets hope he is armed with either rope, chisel,or explosive devices to at least allow a little bit of semblance to see, how peculiar, interesting, and equally amused by what she has seen and known thus far. This boy may not have much. He may not know much, but if he has aroused his suspicions to at least gander at your enchantments then regardless of walls set out to enjoy the company of a boy, who I am assuming, only wants to give and be loved, and that his only ambition. I am sure he understands flaws, and character difference that could very well make this not work, but I am also sure he will come with an open mind, open heart, and open arms to take a risk at seeing over your walls to catch a glimpse at your wonder.