Sunday, January 16, 2011

here's to the new year.....

Hello there, internet world. I suppose it is time to get serious. It's a new year and a new ME. (and using capital letters even) I guess that is pretty cliche. I'll try to defy the odds.

Quite a lot of things have happened since I've last posted. I'd discuss but a resolution: leave 2010 in 2010. Therefore, lets turn a new leaf!

A few things we're going to be working on this year (and by we, i mean me):

  • develop an envelope system and stick to it. (ie- dave ramsey representin'.) this means a strict budget for this lady. no more toys on every trip to target for the kid, cutting out the starbucks visits... err... cutting DOWN... etc.

so far, i decided that in true rachael fashion, i HAD to have cute envelopes.
so when
my cute ones i ordered from etsy arrive.. in correlation to my huge
tax return, this mama will start pinching pennies.

  • work on that positive attitude.

i went to a therapist. true story. i did. at least i received confirmation that
i'm not crazy! things just became too much so a lot of people in my life decided
maybe i should go see someone outside of the situation. my assessment?
eh.. i'm not keen on talking about myself for an hour straight. i need a goal..
someone to talk back to me and tell me what i should do. it was ok. i have plans
to go again. all of this to say: i have such a cynical attitude. i suppose
i could blame this on life experiences but really? i need to grab life by the
hypothetical balls and get on the bright side. i dont want to be a

  • go on dates. start this love life again. take chances!

i'm already trying to work on this. FINGERS CROSSED!
(and maybe some alcohol to calm those nerves)

so, in short.... or long... i'm just trying to figure this life out. maybe even take some chances. .. i tried to write with the caps. i did. i'm an e.e. cummings lover. i just cant do it.


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