Monday, April 11, 2011

so.. it's been a while..

my, my.. how times change in the blink of an eye. let's see.

after complaining and moaning about being single, i think i've finally fallen for a guy who is worth my while. he is a man. he enjoys my son and myself. what's not to like? he can take care of us. i'm at ease around him. thanks, haha.

honestly, i crave his presence. this isn't some "oh i've been single for 4 years and i'm settling for the first person to look my way" post. no, i'm a realist. i live with my son's best interest in mind. i would never make some rash decision like.. fall head over heels if i didn't think he was worth it. but he is. goodness, he is. i like his smile, his scent, how he makes me feel secure when he hugs me. how he laughs at my stupidity. how he didn't run away when luke had an uber-ultra-i'm two years old again-meltdown in the middle of target one day. he simply took him to the car and rationalized with him. see? perfectly imperfect.

i guess i've done something good along the way for him to come in my life. i'm thankful everyday.

enough of the mush.

i made this for luke's room in a few months:

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