Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 before 30.

when i was 18, i made a list. a list of goals i wanted to accomplish before turning the big 3-0. i'm lacking. but nothing in life is as it seems. nothing goes as planned. so recently i found this list. i didn't get to 30 things. i got to 18 or so. so i've added some as the present day 27 year old self. YIKES. i need to get busy!

30 things to do before 30.

  1. learn to play guitar
  2. earn a college degree
  3. get married
  4. have a child - 6.18.07.
  5. become financially independent
  6. own a house
  7. have another child
  8. visit at least half of the fifty states
  9. go overseas to london
  10. move to atlanta - 8.2004
  11. learn to sew
  12. learn to cook
  13. take a road trip cross country
  14. become closer to my mom - 5.2007
  15. build a house
  16. become a nurse
  17. go to coachella. . just once
  18. make a good girl friend
  19. host a dinner party
  20. visit the holocaust museum in dc
  21. visit new york in the fall
  22. go to disney world
  23. get fit and toned. in shape.
  24. become a runner.
  25. buy an expensive camera. and learn to use it.
  26. make time to create more art
  27. quit target
  28. make a budget by dave ramsey and stick to it
  29. become debt free
  30. own a king size bed

so....... we'll see ;)

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