Sunday, February 17, 2013

if you asked me..

if you asked me i'd tell you... that i am proud to report i  made it through "love" season (or v-day) without a tear or feeling sorry for myself. i wasn't lonely although i was alone. i wasn't sad for myself. i was content. and thankful.

if you asked me i'd tell you.. the sound of banjo has been making my heart and head clear and happy. mumford and son babel has finally made its way into my life and it's probably the greatest thing that's happened this year.

if you asked me i'd tell you.. my friend has been staying with her grandpa in the hospital for two weeks. since she's in atlanta, i've eaten lunch with her and sometimes when she tells me things her grandpa says, it has really triggered memories of my own. my goodness, i miss that man. it's always nice to know you're someone's favorite. he made sure i knew i was his.

if you asked me i'd tell you.. i had an interview for an internship in atlanta. i will find out more tomorrow. while i know i am capable of doing the code, i'm nervous i won't be good enough. the idea of being the only girl in the office scares me too.

if you asked me i'd tell you.. luke's school called me last week for the first time. they wanted me to pick him up because he had an accident. an accident. he hasn't had one of those since he was two. "good" thing, it's not that he's regressing. he was sick. poor boy..

if you asked me i'd tell you.. i think i'm ready to date again. i've been longing for someone i can hug.. and scratch their backs. true story.

 a girl at school saw that i wanted this book 
from a post i posted on facebook.
she gave it to me.. . WOW. how nice is that?

a picture of myself from valentine's day.
honestly,  i wasn't sad.

relaxing before class one day.

my date. she keeps me warm.

everyone was doing it. so i did too.
looks nothing like me.. but whatever.
i want that hair.

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