Monday, March 11, 2013

lets see.

lets see :

  • i got an internship. this puts me in atlanta monday thru friday, 8-5pm. daily.. and im so excited. i've worked one day but i'm pretty sure this is the career i should have always had
  • i went to nashville on friday and rode the megabus. it was double decker and supa fun. i crossed off an item on my "30 before 30 list". i saw butch walker in another state.
  • in nashville, i came out of my shell for a night and made some new friends.
  • final week of the quarter is this week. sleeping is not going to happen until saturday. good. grief i'm tired.

seriously. it doesn't make sense how beautiful he is.

nashville. minnie pearl, represent.

posted at my school.

skyview from the double decker bus. 

hello tennessee. 

mekenzie and i. 
butch walker.


our cab driver was puerto rican. he was belting out 
"back to life.. back to reality". this was my reaction.

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