Tuesday, March 26, 2013


i work across from the high museum. 
my favorite thing to do is count how many school 
buses come by for field trips.

pretty new nail polish i'm trying out for a photo shoot i have soon.
yes, photo shoot.

this guy wanted to go to academy sports after
 our date the other night. 
he tried on the t-ball helmets but .. as you can see, 
he's got a huge head and none of them fit!

our pizza date. he's so cute!!

lukester wasn't feeling well this past weekend
 and only wanted "a wotta fruit" for breakfast. 
because i'm feeling like a bad parent for being in
 atlanta monday thru friday, i decided to be a "good" mom
 and cut up tons of fruit. 
me + a knife = never a good idea. just one slice of the finger!

from the window of the break room at work.

my new dress!

luke's new shoes.

i sit at the bottom of these stairs and watch people on lunch.

how i feel i about traffic.

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