Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PICTURE HEAVY. a recap of april so far.

still interning. i did the reskin of orkin.com (check it out! it's live)  started school. only part time (two classes). did this because i'm hoping for a permanent job this quarter as it will be my last! woot. woohoo? etc. kid is great. and smart. and funny. good grief, that kid is funny. allergies are kicking my really severe. to the point of my eye swelling nearly shut. puffs with vicks infused are kind of amazing. tried bubble tea. i liked one flavor but what i really love are the macaroons they sell next to it. my new obsession. my childhood bfflzzz, kimberly, has been living across the hall from me this whole time. how freaking weird is that? so we've hung out a few times.. it's like a decade hadn't passed us by.

i promised my little dude some mario eggs. 
since they don't have that kit in stores, i freehanded some.
he was happy. therefore, i was happy.

my love and i. he loves me. like. a lot.

his cute face on easter. where did my 6lb baby go?

the easter bunny really loved dude.

easter egg hunt in granny's backyard.
no, the collared shirt did not last long.

one of the three egg hunts we did.
rockin' his nashville shirt i got him.

after that egg hunt, we ventured off on a nature trail.
it was just us two. my phone was dead and the sun was setting.
i almost freaked out about getting lost.
i remembered that he and i were the only ones
and we had a long talk.
it was perfect.

because i like taking pictures of my shoes.
almost as much as i love shoes.
cute new sandals!

originally i had off the same week as luke for spring break.
well, i took an internship so i had to work.
luckily i was able to take off fri-sun with him.
mi familia met up with me in atlanta.
we went to the coke museum and the zoo.
we had tickets to see the braves 
*and side note- holy crap we are good this year!!!*
but it rained and was super cold so we didn't go.

my frand, kimberly. 
middle school, represent!
haha. but really.. having her across the hall is pretty amazing.
what a small world.

it was also national siblings day a few days ago.
in this shot, we have a cute little rachael almost giving a nip slip
holding her dear little bro, caleb for the first time.
i really do miss that boy.

seriously.. if you've never tried a macaroon, DO IT.

he's the best thing that's ever happened to this world.

my little batman and i went to the dogwood festival 
this past weekend and had a blast. we thought it had to 
do with the trees .. but it was more of a celebration of dogs.

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