Monday, September 23, 2013

tying the loose ends.

it's all finally coming together. the loose ends feel as though they are finding a match.

i bought a sofa.
and some plants.
i have weekend projects.
i'm neurotic about keeping  my apartment clean.

i met two other single moms that i hang out with.
we meet on each other's porches and have some drinks and talk for hours about how tough this little gig is.
our kids are all the same age.
one boy is even in luke's class.

we saved a 14-year-old dog from being euthanized. nothing was wrong with him. his owner was dying and he had no where to go. unfortunately, his weak legs couldn't handle our stairs but he's in a better place where he can die on his own terms.

we have a puppy to complete us. his name is henry.. and we are in love.

we're slowly building our little network of friends and family here.
it feels so nice.

my new sofa!

luke and his friend, johnny.
we can walk to an awesome gelato place so we did on a friday night.
i love these people.

meet henry. he's got his grandma's brown and white hair
and beautiful light brown eyes.

porch nights with little dude. 
this is also the same night he demanded i tell him where babies come from..

my plants i haven't killed yet!

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