Friday, November 8, 2013

halloween, daylight savings time.

i don't know if it's the shorter days or the cold weather but i'm in some kind of funk.  i've been very low energy lately and bedtime can't come fast enough. i always go through this during the fall. it's funny because fall is my favorite season. the weather just makes you want to have a partner to keep you warm. sitting closely on the sofa under a blanket. the past decade i've been single more than i've been in a relationship. i need to change that. i need to put myself out there. meet men, not boys. someone that's going to choose me as his first choice.  i have this cycle where i find guys that are just getting out of relationships and need someone to mend their broken hearts. i guess i like playing the role of nurse because i've helped so many. but what's good about that for me? nothing. it's time to take charge because i'm worth it, damn it.

anyway, luke is doing great. his reading level has improved and homework hasn't been nearly as traumatizing. he is now in jiu jitsu and i think it's the best thing we've ever done. he actually told the teacher on one of the bullies! way to go, luke.

luke's on top practicing his crocodile hold.

everyone says i look like flo from progressive.. so i decided to be her.
i won $100 at work for best costume!

minecraft steve, flo, and darth vader.
halloween 2013.

this guy has a bed, a crate, and a toy box.. 
but he prefers a box luke drew on.

his minecraft creeper pumpkin.

the little five points parade!

little 5 points parade part deux.

luke and his friend johnny.
and i pretty much love kristin, johnny's mom.

i've been putting more effort into the way i look.
why not.

see? a dress!

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