Sunday, March 23, 2014


It's been a while! I've been working a few weekends because we've had a major deadline. Weeknights going to bed at 3am, weekends working all day. I've just been busy!  I did want to post pictures from our first plane ride as well as the actual trip to NYC. .. and how much I'm in love with that city.

I'll say that we left Atlanta by a hair. The whole week we had experienced bad weather in the form of an ice storm. I really thought they'd cancel our flight which resulted in me being a nervous wreck, glued to my phone for flight updates. The storm that had hit Atlanta was making its way to New York so I was just SURE we wouldn't get to go. I was happily wrong! Our flight was delayed three hours. At one point, we were getting up to board and got word that NYC was under a wind advisory so we were delayed again!  BUT at least we were canceled.

As for the flight, take off was absolutely terrible on the way there. I really almost threw up everywhere. Luke was making fun of me so bad so being a wimp.  Landing in New York also made me sick. On our return flight however, I was fine. I don't know if it's because it wasn't my first time or because we weren't hitting bad wind, but I was ok.

First, the instagram photos:

Arriving at LGA.

When we put our things away, he walked down to Times Square. This guy was waiting for us.

The huuuge Toys R Us store in Times Square.

And obviously.

We had fun in Central Park. It was so icy, Mom fell and busted it.

This reminded me of my Grandpa, in Grand Central Station.

This was at the Statue of Liberty. He was so amazed by the depth of snow.

We went ice skating at Central Park! He did SO good.

All by himself!

A snow-covered East coast.

I climbed to the top of Statue of Liberty!
I was proud.


Ellen's Stardust Diner. The waiters/waitresses sing. Near Broadway

and the amazing desserts.

First NYC meal

My NY Cheesecake. Complete with heart sprinkles as it was Valentine's day.



Inside the Disney store in Times Square.

Biggest Toys R Us ever.

Our hotel.

Boarding the ferry for Ms. Liberty.

On the island. Where are the tables?

The original torch.

In the crown, looking down at her tablet.

9/11 memorial.

Jimmy Fallon! It was one day before the Tonight Show started.

Rockefeller Center.

Luke's version of heaven.

He was speechless.

Serendipity! SO good.

The floor at Dylan's Candy Bar.

heaven for me.

OG Bloomingdales!

His reaction to tasting Iced Tea.. thinking it was sweet tea.

Frozen hot chocolate <3 p="">

my camera broke the last day. womp womp.

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