Monday, April 7, 2014

A Happy List.

  • longer days. something about the sun staying out until 7-8pm just makes me happy
  • warmer weather. as much as i love snow, i'd really like to not freeze every time i take henry out to use the bathroom
  • baseball. the braves are back and while i'm unsure of how i feel about them this year (hello, cobb county braves!), i can't help but get excited to see games nearly every night on tv or in person. also, seeing luke so obsessed with jason heyward.
  • my boss being the best. i've never had such a caring boss. he's our biggest fan and really fights for us.
  • aloe water. it's just SO good.
  • friends. i've got a few good ones.
  • spring break. i'm childless for the longest time since luke was born. it's liberating yet sad. 
  • dateline, greys anatomy, new girl, and the mindy project. my shows. yes please.
  • dvr. so i can watch said shows when i get the chance.
  • most of all, family. samantha is getting married and it's just a really good time for us.

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