Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i'm a blogger-stalker.

i'm a big blogger-stalker. i have my list of blogs i visit daily (sometimes multiple times) because i'm nosy (nosey?) and i enjoy reading about other people's lives. i read all types of blogs: two people that met and now renovate their home for the world to see while raising their precious little daughter, one girl and her hubs with a baby on the way, people i know in real life (just trying to see what has happened since school), etc. of course there is he holds my heart. i love that man, er.. woMAN? either way, he is fun.

one thing all of the blogs i follow have in common (minus perez) is that they are all frugle with their money and they all do their own art projects around their house. i'm itching to have my own place to call home so i can pee on it and make it mine. i love design. i love textiles and paper and paint and typography. i'm a nerd! what can i say. i have so many ideas in this head of mine.

also, the frugle thing. i'd really like to sit down and read the dave ramsey philosophy. with the mounting medical bills luke and i have aquired as well as just expenses in general, this single mom is spent! i need to cut corners. make a list of musts rather than wants. cute shirt for luke or luke's ENT surgery paid for? seems like such an easy answer but it's not! i have a shopping problem and i need help!

as for the dating life= going on 4 years and still not a bite.

the end.

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  1. You are nosy!?!?!? Me too.... no wonder we get along so well!!! hahahaha