Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i made a bike!

i made this entirely in html/css. it isn't an image when it's live. YES!
(and yes, it IS green glitter.. i want this bike!)

anyhow, school this quarter started last week and i'll say.. it's going to be so much more time consuming/difficult than last quarter. holy -javascript - batman! HOWEVER, i'm getting so much closer to my goal of getting that good paying job.. and i can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. or whatever. cliches annoy me.

my heart is good.
my child is good.
we've both been relatively healthy. (well, luke was almost hospitalized a few weeks ago.. but he's much better).

i've made luke a deal. if he learns to read, he can get his own computer.  i know that sounds extreme and expensive.. but let me say. the kid can do math better than anyone in his class however, when it comes to learning sight words? he could care less. he thinks it's boring and trying to get him to read a book ? he cries. like i'm killing him.. he cries.

so. bribing him to learn to read? perfect. and anyway, reading will take another year or so (plenty of time to save up) AND he'll have to have a computer the way the school system is these days anyway. so, win win. 

good day.

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