Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new years resolutions.

  1. finish the circus.  hopefully around 5th quarter. i'm entering 3rd quarter now.. so we will see! this is super exciting to me..
  2. get a good paying job. enough to begin paying off debt and owning a place for luke and i. 
  3. be better with money. save save save. dave ramsey.
  4. move out/move away. this is contingent on finishing the circus and finding the good paying job. hopefully an opportunity will open up for me in richmond, va. ooo i hope so.
  5. be healthier. eat healthier, drink water, drink only 1 coke a day. i think this will help my thyroid stabilize and my hair grow back in.
  6. try embracing being a lady. ie- wearing earrings and frilly stuff. maybe even wedges?
  7. be happy. try new things.


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