Sunday, January 27, 2013


some things i've been thinking about lately: 

my hair is falling out in large quantities every time i shower. i'm constantly tired to the point that getting out of bed is a chore. literally. it isn't depression; i'm not depressed. it's my thyroid. my fillings are falling out of my teeth. i just don't know. i don't know how much longer i can go without insurance. i'm thinking a private policy may be worth it.

that relationship really wrecked me. it wrecked me for a while. it showed me that the guy i've dreamt of exists. the guy that tells his friends about you. the guy that writes little notes and leaves them for you. who says i love you so much and puts the emphasis on the "so". i was broken. i was bitter. then i got over it. i laugh again and listen to "our song" without getting sad. i moved on. not on to someone else. i just let it go. i moved on and away. 

i need to see butch walker live again. soon. is he ever going to play shows again? goodness. it makes me heart happiest when i see him live.

my child is growing up before my eyes. i'm missing so much by being away in during the week. i try not to think of it so much because it'd only make me sad. he's always saying or doing something new every weekend i see him. i love the person he's becoming.

i'm at a school i've always dreamt of and i can't seem to be exceptional at what i do. it's really hurting my feelings. why am i not top notch? why are others better? i've never been one to compare myself.. but lately i've just been feeling like maybe i'm not enough. i need to put in extra time to the homework. but how? .. i never have a day off.

and lastly.

i'm beyond grateful for my friends. i've only had good, true friends come a couple of times in my adult life. without the people i go to school with, school wouldn't be possible. i love them. i do. and my mom. i always talk about how much that woman means. words don't and will never do it justice. her.. and my family. (especially samantha.)

good night friends.

some pictures as of late.

rising up. but unfortunately, they lost :(

luke and i's date ended with the same fortune.

my mom's birthday. and her mama. 
love these ladies.

when i get home from atlanta, all i want to do
is squeeeeealll really loud. but he's always asleep.
so, i spoon him.

i got a new app that i've been playing with. 
i like the filters.

someone knitted a scarf for me!

dude got a hair cut. how freaking old does he look?
he's so gorgeous.

someone asked for a side to side picture of us.
i seriously love this child.
he's my favorite human being.

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