Tuesday, August 20, 2013

oh.. it's been a month.

lets see..

  • luke started school. 1st grade!  his teacher is awesome. he was being bullied but i'm pretty sure that was taken care of in record time.
  • i worked 86 hours last week.. so you'll have to forgive me for temporarily forgetting i have a blog. huge work project....... almost to the finish line. (sorta)
  • caleb visited from oklahoma with his girlfriend her child. he brought my mom up with them marking the first time i've had company to entertain. 
  • during said visit, i treated them all to a braves game. (we won! it was amazing.. and side note- bryce harper is awful) luke and i also went to a braves game together a few weeks ago. he's a HUGE jason heyward fan.
  • in addition to the braves games, luke rounded out his summer with a trip to white water, the tellus museum, and this past weekend legoland. i think he's a pretty happy dude.
  • which brings me to the next topic- homework. that happy dude HATES homework. it usually escalates to be yelling at him to focus.  it isn't that he has an attention deficit, he just doesn't care. at all. AT ALL. he's lazy when it comes to writing letters. erase something and start again? that's too much effort! let me figure out how to make that upside down 'e' a correct 'e'.   it takes all i have not to throw him out of the window. .. just kidding. maybe.
  • i've been cooking most nights. i mean.. actually cooking. chicken.. pasta.. beef... luke's impressed.
  • oh! my catalytic converter was stolen twice off of my car in a week and a half. . so i switched cars with my mom. warner robins doesn't have thieves out to get honda elements. atlanta? dear god. they see my blue box of  a car and jump on it!   cat clamp is being installed this week.....
  • ah, today my dear uncle was diagnosed with parkinson's. keep him in your thoughts. he's a good man.

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