Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Luke is here!

Luke has finally moved up to Atlanta!  Words can't express my excitement. After spending more time away than together this past year, I'm so thankful he's with me again. We're a fulltime team again! Not only has he embraced the move/new environment/new babysitter/new everything, he's also sleeping in his own bed in his OWN room by himself. Guys, he's never done that. EVER. I'm so proud of how adaptive he's been.

In other news, I wish I was british. Seriously. When Will and Kate got married, I woke at 3am to watch it. For about two weeks now I've been googling "royal baby". Monday I was ecstatic when CNN told me she had entered the hospital. Why am I so in love with the monarchy? I have no idea. When William walked out of the hospital today, I got chills. He is so disarmingly handsome. Ugh. .. and he loves his wife. Maybe I enjoy the idea of a modern day fairytale.

And with that, I'll go to bed alone. HAHA.

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