Sunday, August 1, 2010

baby steps.

attempt #876 at creating a blog i won't forget about.

since becoming a single mom to my little dude 3 years ago, my dating life has been less than something to write home about. actually, i haven't been on a date in those three years. ok, nearly four considering i was single the whole pregnancy. this means no dates, hand to hold, kiss, etc. middle GA is really lacking too. i decided to take matters into my own hands--- i joined eharmony! haha.

many friends and family first asked-- what if he is a stalker/serial killer? what if he is actually 50 years old and balding?? what do i have to lose (except my life!! haha)? nothing else is happening for me! so i joined.

i have to say. patience is key when doing an online dating site. i would say for every 50 matches you receive, about 2 to 3 will catch your interest. maybe another day i will tell the story of a match named bear. yes, like the animal. his mom definitely nailed that name. i'm only 2 months in to this whole eharmony so i haven't had much success. yesterday i actually started texting (real world!!) a match. he lives in columbia, sc. hopefully he won't mind me saying that.

so we shall see. baby steps, people. baby steps.

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