Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on to another.

well after that last post, i pretty much decided the person i saw in the picture wasn't that exciting in text. therefore... i believe i'm going to make the switch to match.com. (haha) there seems to be more people in my area on match that aren't on eharmony. so, we'll see. just another chapter to be closed and a new one opened.

my financial aid fell through for school this semester. what a bummer that was to find out. i'm just ready to be done; to have that bachelor's degree behind my name. i feel like there is always a hurdle in my way. such is life, i suppose.

my brother moved out of the house this past weekend. this means luke gets his own room! he is so excited as am i. i pray he actually sleeps in the room but that will take time on my part. this coming weekend i will be painting my old room a light gray color and painting the trim white in caleb's old room. i'm selling things to make this whole room makeover(s?) happen. http://robinsyardsales.com/sellerprofile.jsp?accountID=3962514

i plan to post before and after pictures of the room makeovers. until next time-

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