Thursday, August 19, 2010

i'm starting to feel the "pressure" if you will, to get married. i see all of these elegant pictures of everyone i know and their partners sharing their special day. i see all of these people from my past with that ring and/or partner with that cute little baby bump. i feel a twinge of jealousy. afterall, it wasn't so long ago i was pregnant. no one else was. i did it alone. i can't complain much about that because in the end, none of it matters and the gift definitely outweighs those 9 months. i guess what i'm saying is: i really just want someone to come home to. of course, i have luke. i love luke. luke has my heart. however, i want someone to talk about my day with. someone that will love me. (most importantly)- someone to give me a back massage!!! that's all :)

i would like a male figure in luke's life. i want him to wrestle. i want a male figure in my life!

oh just complaining. just a little pity party. can i have one of those right now? sometimes this single mom life is difficult and working until 9pm is the pits. (but i have a job!! hallelujah.)

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