Thursday, July 18, 2013

adventures in dating.

...because "adventures in babysitting" doesn't apply.

i went on a date last night. i guess being older makes you mellow out some. i remember dating when i was younger, having such high hopes, if it didn't live up to my dreams, i still concocted in my head that it was still "amazing" and other ridiculous words. now, i always just say.. "i'm cautiously optimistic". emphasis on the cautious part.

you get older and realize that obsessing over when you'll hear from that person again just isn't worth it. should you call or text first? no, then you'll look desperate. the guy is suppose to initiate communicating first. such an internal struggle for girls out there. i think these are things us girls are all guilty of at some point.

then you get older, maybe have a kid if you're like me, and dating isn't your world anymore. he hasn't called or texted me in the .5 seconds it has been since the dated ended? no big deal. a day, even? ok. we're adults. we have jobs and lives and priorities. meeting someone isn't about walking the mall hoping someone spots you on a date, anymore. no. we talk about the house we own, places we've been, our core values, etc. you try to get to know what someone stands for as fast as you can. this way you can weed them out sooner. lets face it, i'm almost thirty. i'm not looking to date someone for five years only for it to not work out. if i know it isn't going to work out on that first date? well, it was fun meeting someone new... i hope everything works out for you. the. end.

so as i said, i went out on a date last night. it was good. we met. we talked for nearly four hours. we went back to our homes. it was nice, refreshing, and good company. and we've talked about future plans.

is my brain planning a wedding and practicing a new signature? definitely not.

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