Sunday, July 7, 2013


i picked luke up from warner robins on the third with the intention of spending time with him in atlanta until sunday. in those days, we'd go on a marta ride to centennial olympic park to see the fireworks. apparently mother nature was against the country's freedom this year for the south as we experienced torrential downpours all . week . long. everyone canceled their fireworks shows EXCEPT for olympic park. good thing because i promised this certain kid that we'd go for the second year in a row to see this shindig. so after a day of thunder and lightning, we braved it. 

i was a bit nervous as this was my first time really navigating the marta system by myself. sure, i did it at georgia state but do you know that was about 8 years ago? also, the school gave us the stops we needed to get off of so it was no brainer. not to mention there were tons of other students taking the same route. anyway, enough trying to justify the anxiety i had, we went to the inman park station and parked. from there, we took the train to the cnn center and got off. in . the . rain. i struggled to carry our chairs while still carrying my huge umbrella on the two of us. this single mom thing is so difficult sometimes. however, we got there in one, hobbling, wet piece. after spending $20 on overpriced popcorn, cotton candy, sprite, and a glow-in-the-dark necklace, we found a good spot amongst the crowd. to my surprise many people showed up despite the ridiculous weather. 

did i mention that my hair is getting curlier with age? it's awful. i didn't dry it that day. i decided it'd curl on its own with the weather outside but luke insisted that i straighten it. he said, "i hate curly hair. people will look at your curly hair and say ew." point taken. thank you, kind sir.  i straightened it and luke said, "you're so beautiful like that", by the end of the night it was a kinky mess. 

luckily, it seems the gods shined upon us and it didn't rain a drop an hour before and during the fireworks show. it was such a good show, too. i grin like a little girl when they start. what is it about fireworks? 

i was dog sitting all week for my friend, ben so we headed back to hang out with the pup. the next day we decided to bare the elements and walk to a nearby park. we found a community garden with tomatoes, strawberries, squash, etc. i just love this little community! sometimes i forget i'm in the middle of the city. 

in the end we visited three separate parks, did a lot of walking, got stuck in two downpours, opened an account at the local movie rental store (and rented a movie), and just had some overall fun. it was nice being in our new place together. i think he's really going to enjoy it. 

now.. i need to put myself out there and meet someone.

some pictures from our new apartment: (we still haven't moved in completely. that will take place on the 20th!)

pretty cupboards.

i built this by myself. who. needs. a guy?

i hung a picture!

luke's unfinished room.

and a bunch of other pictures from the long weekend: 
majestic diner with this little kid. we can walk there.

meet chunji. luke's new friend.
they fell in love with each other.

he wanted to try out his shaving kit he got for christmas.
he kinda hated the feeling on his skin.

a rare, sunny moment. this is the local kid's park we walked to.

chunji was so disappointed she had to stay on the leash.

we discovered some ducks while walking around piedmont park.

this is from his first marta train ride. he thought it super cool.
the ride back? another story. think: drug deals.

fireworks in the park. it really doesn't get better than that.
they even shoot fireworks off the the buildings!

piedmont park fun. a nice break in the middle of the city.

it started rain -hard- on us. we ran for cover which came in the form of a pavilion.
we crashed an asian baby shower. whoops.

it's fun being a kid. we both jumped in puddles. we were SOAKING wet.

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