Saturday, September 10, 2011

are you out there?

anyone out there? .. silence...

well, i'm here. barely. my days start at 6am and end around 11pm if i'm lucky. yesterday i didn't step foot in my house until 10pm. i have been so busy. i'm actually loving it! my self esteem has been boosted since i'm bringing in some more dough. i feel like i can actually contribute to the raising of my kiddo again. true story.

today luke had his first soccer game. it went well. he played some good defense (unintentionally, of course). little dude is just too shy, though. we have got to work on it. since his dad couldn't be there, i made sure he had the biggest crowd to compensate! i have such an amazing family and best friend. no joke.

in other news. i'm suffering a major allergy attack at the moment. i haven't had one in months! stupid georgia weather. can we decide if it still summer or fall? this week we were in the high fifties low sixties. today as i was decked out in jeans, it was HOT OUTSIDE. ugh. i hate the fickle weather here.

after the game, i had all intentions of getting to the pharm to pick up our meds. but guess what? luke and i laid down in bed at 1pm and woke up at 8pm. i guess we are both exhausted!! when we woke up, little dude said "whew. that was some good sleep!" he truly is my kid.

i keep having dreams about relationships. sometimes i miss it (like right before shutting my eyes for sleep) but most of the time i'm just too darn busy to care!! at least my dog likes licking my feet. it is close enough to a massage. hahahaa. i'm so lame.

pictures soon.

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