Monday, September 5, 2011

puppy update.

recently, my days have consisted of nursing this little guy. one day he just woke up and could barely put pressure on his legs. we checked the color of his tongue. it was pale white so we knew something was going on. he was so lethargic because -being the runt- sometimes gets you pushed to the back. he just couldn't keep up with his two fatter brothers. luckily, a little bottle feeding every three hours has seemed to bring my pup back to himself. thank you, God.

i hope everyone has a good labor day! little dude and i are doing some deep cleaning.. rather, i am. he's playing mario brothers on the wii!

until next time.


  1. I am glad that the pup is doing well.

    My little boy was playing Mario on the Wii just a few hours ago whilst I was cleaning!

  2. so glad the puppy is doing good

  3. thanks guys! i love my pups.

    luke is completely obsessed with mario. sometimes i tell him to turn it off and do some laps around the house so he doesn't contribute to childhood obesity. hahaha