Monday, September 12, 2011

full circle.

when i first started college.. a mere DECADE ago... i met one friend. the college was a junior college; it was out in the middle of a small town. the people there were super country. as in, i was taking an art class and the town petitioned that we could not have nude models to draw. yes, country. at the time, there was only a hardee's to eat at. it was culture shock 30 minutes from home! meeting friends wasn't something i was there to do. i went to class everyday then promptly turned my car around and drove straight home. but like i said: i made one friend.

he has a funny name so i wanted to meet him. i knew we'd be friends. by the end of the two years there, we were carpooling. we had a good time. so simple. nothing more than friends. after all, i have a boyfriend.

after those two years, we lost touch. i went to atlanta, he went to florida. weirdly enough, he moved back as did i. he worked at the hospital with my parents and they would update me when they saw him. he was a really good guy.

time moved on. we never really talked. i knew how he was doing on the surface because of my parents. then i entered nursing school and he was in my class. he was now friends with someone i considered a best friend at one time. it was awesome. he was still a really good guy. by this time, i had luke. i wasn't interested in anything. but something about him being interested in someone else hurt me.

i pushed him away. i'm pretty sure he thought/thinks i'm crazy.

fast forward to the best friend i once considered. she got married recently. my dear friend was there. he's still a really good guy. and i'm trying to convince him to be my friend. only friends. i don't think i'd ever want to mess up the awesome friendship i know we are capable of.

so weird how life comes full circle. a decade later.

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