Sunday, September 11, 2011

never forget.

where were you?

i remember dreading the day. it was a gorgeous day but i was not ready for this new week of high school. i hated high school but i loved my boyfriend. seeing him there made it tolerable. so, reluctantly, i got ready for this tuesday. it also happened to be my cousin's birthday. i was ready to wish her a happy birthday.. not wish the day never happened.

i remember going into second period graphics class with ms. mitchell and everyone in the hallway was talking and saying something major had happened. since i could have cared less about those people, i made my way to my class without much thought.

there, ms. mitchell had the tv on and told us all to hurry to the screen to watch the images showing before us. the world trade center had been hit by an airplane. we thought, "wow. that pilot made a major error!" we were silent. the second plane then hit the second tower. we gasped. some of us screamed. no one was sitting in a chair. we couldn't move and time stood still. some of us had tears. this was not a mistake by some pilot. this was a plan.

for the next few hours, the school was on lock down. the base across the street was on lock down. parents couldn't release their children from school. base employees couldn't leave their offices. it was chaotic but not. everything was eerily still. all we wanted to do was go home and hug our parents. we couldn't. then the rumors started.

"the terrorists have a list. warner robins is on that list." (we have a very large air force base full of weapons)

we all couldn't comprehend the events before us. i was senior! it was suppose to be a celebration! i had just lost my childhood dog of 13 years a few days prior and now our country was no longer as safe as we all thought. i was also ridiculously obsessed with new york at the time and i grew angry at the thought of it being under attack.

my boyfriend and i stood still. we hugged each other. our eyes were permanently dilated that day. when i got home, my mom was glued to the tv. we talked about our experiences of the day. we just could not believe how many would be effected. we were effected.

so. 10 years later, one child later. a few colleges and boyfriends later. i'm still here. and i still remember.

i can't help but look at my child and thank God he has his innocence. thank God he wasn't alive for that terrible day.

never forget. we are not invincible.

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