Saturday, December 22, 2012

picture heavyyyyy

holy crap! i've been busy.

finals, two christmas parties, kid was almost hospitalized, etc... i guess pictures will explain better.

for tradition's sake, laila and i lost our minds while studying for our 
programming final and did this silly photo shoot. (lexi joined us!)

yep.. this happened (a lot). 2nd quarter in the bag!

so after finishing up my last final, i came home in the middle of the night to a kid 
with lungs not moving air well. . 
so, the doctor it was. it took 2 one hour treatments to allow us to leave the doctor. 
she even said had i not been used to this, she would have hospitalized him. 

that night, he really wanted to do something christmas related. 
however, being outside wasn't an option. christmas lights drive-thru 
at chik fila did the trick.

this cutie was given to a sweet family with two young girls.
he's so adorable.

ah! i've lost quite a few pounds! success!

i took this at a retail complex. this was after the sandy hook shooting.

i ate two chocolates and both had the same thing inside.

we had a mom and luke day date.
i was so nice and long overdue.
i always forget how hilarious he is.
oh, and we christmas-ified the house.

a little car nap in the parking lot of the school before panel.

laila, lauren, and i at our secret santa christmas party.

laila's awesome present to me!!!

ugly christmas sweater party at fado! great times.

i want this. bad.

my sleeping friends in atlanta.

merry christmas!
im sick. boooo.

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