Monday, December 10, 2012

things you want to say to an ex // your views on mainstream music

blog challenge topic today makes me a bit hesitant. something i'd like to say to ex? .. it's all been said before and thankfully, i'm past it.  so i'm going to bypass this topic and skip to the next. there's nothing i'd really say that needs to be said. no hard feelings with any of them.

so. next topic.  views on mainstream music. 

as i get older, i find myself knowing more mainstream music than i used to. i went through that, "i'm too cool for pop music" phase. but whatever. i can embrace the crappy synthesizers and computer vocals. i guess.

but not nickelback. sick. or anyone that has vocals like his.

and rap-rock. kid rock? but now he's country? no. bon jovi on the country station now? shame.

but i loooooove kings of leon, gotye, kanye west, jay-z, the lumineers, taylor swift.. etc. so. i'm ok with it. 

the line stops at bieber. ew. and rhianna. although that birthday cake song is good.

i'm a contradiction.

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