Friday, December 7, 2012

something you feel strongly about.

yes, i'm a little late with this blog post. it was intended for yesterday however, i was at school from 9 am to almost 10pm. yea! finals! whew! i also have a new friend of the male species so i've been glued to my phone. yeehaw. -

anyway.. the blog challenge topic on the list today is something you feel strongly about.

there's a lot of things i feel strongly about to be honest. lets talk about something that i have strong feelings about that has recently been an "issue" in my life. marijuana

you can say what you want. "it isn't a drug." , "it's harmless." , "it is was less worse than drinking.", etc. and you know what? i agree that is not as bad as drinking. but you know what else? it still makes you experience something that isn't natural to your body. it changes the way you act. i also believe it can be a gateway to other drugs. and you can disagree. that's fine. but whatever you may be thinking or want to say to me is probably something i've already heard. i'm also never going to change my stance. 

you see, i grew up in household where my first memory was stuffing my barbie doll down a bong and pretending she was in one of those enclosed water slides. yes, i probably four. i'm not a believer in sheltering your children. i think that making a topic "taboo" only makes them want to experience whatever it is more. HOWEVER, i think it's a bit ridiculous that my parents smoked out in a bedroom with all windows and doors closed with my brother and i inside. 

imagine being in d.a.r.e. class and your officer showing you what various drugs look like and realizing "omg. my parents do that!" .. i threatened to tell my d.a.r.e. officer on my parents. true story. my mom quit that day. (2nd grade)

anyway, i will not be in a relationship that likes to smoke cigarrettes; much less pot. i hate it. it brings back the memories of living with a dad that was high 90% of the time. it was annoying, embarrassing, and aggravating. every time i see someone who is high, it throws me back to that time when i'd look at my dad with those glassy eyes and that smell...... good.lord. that smell. and i am immediately filled with resentment. why couldn't my parents just be normal? why couldn't my dad just be a functioning adult and be the typical dad that was there for his kids? why did he always have to be inhibited? did i ever really know his personality without drugs? probably not. 


Unable to act in a relaxed and natural way because of self-consciousness or mental restraint.

i'm not saying that all people that smoke pot are like my dad. however, given the choice.. i will not be with someone who partakes in such activities. this does not make me a prude; this is just something i feel strongly about. if you grew up in my house with my dad, you wouldn't judge me.


  1. Rachael Green, this is my last warning! Stop writing embellished stories/and or slanderous stories about me! I have contacted my attorney and you will be served in a timely manner! Your depiction of me is twisted ABSURD accusations and LIES!! FINAL NOTICE TO STOP!!


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This article is about the malicious statement. For the 2009 film, see Defamation (film).
    "Libel" and "Slander" redirect here. For other uses, see Libel (disambiguation) and Slander (disambiguation).
    "Vilification" and "Calumny" redirect here. For the hate crime, see racial vilification. For the Catholic sin, see detraction.
    Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false, depending on legal state. In Common Law it is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).[1]
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  2. I've been an absent blog reader for a while...this is such a good post. Such an interesting perspective. So different from what I usually hear. Thanks for writing. you rock.