Thursday, May 26, 2011

the root of all that is evil.

the demon that has been plaguing me, aka my molar tooth.. also known as #19 in the dental world.. has now been alleviated of its decayed, calcified, roots. after 2 hours and more pulling, pushing, and tugging i care to remember, the roots are gone as well as that shooting pain through my head. instead i'm now dealing with a chipmunk cheek and swore gums. i can take the trade off. i finally feel like i can get through the day without gouging my eyes out with a tooth pick.

now lets get to the single mom part of this all. all i have to say is-- thank God so much i have the amazing mother that i do! i do not know i could possibly deal with the world if it wasn't for her. after getting home from my appointment, i headed to bed and didn't emerge until around 6:30pm. now, i have a child that requires feeding and all of that other stuff that involves maintaining life. thank the lord she was here to handle it all while i could whine by myself in the darkness of my own room. (love you, ho!)

in other news, i finally got a text message from the big c. i can tell you my hopes are not up but at least he acknowledged i exist in the world. umm.. yeah. that's all i got.

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