Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 years.

sorry. i briefly stepped away for a moment. i haven't been lazy though; actually, the opposite. a major picture post coming later tonight.

in the meantime, a  where do i want to be in five years post.

on this day in five years, i will be 32. (whoa..) little dude will be 9. (double whoa..)  i hope to be a child-life specialist, certified with bachelors degree in hand. living wherever that career takes me. i hope to be self-sufficient and living (maybe owning) my own place. i want to be considering a second child, whether that be via sperm bank or husband. i hope to be available to my son by taking him to soccer, baseball, or whatever practice and helping him with his homework. i hope to be living by the dave ramsey plan (envelope system) and in turn, be debt-free. i want to be able to claim a "dish" as my signature dish. which means... i want to know how to cook. daily. and save money doing so. i want to be  the "cool mom" but also be a mom. not just a friend. i hope to continue being best friends with my mom and close with my family. in five years, i hope to be toned by doing a regular exercise routine (maybe take up running instead of making excuses?).  i hope to have a church family and participate actively in that environment. i want to be healthy.

i have a lot i need to accomplish. i can.not.wait.

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