Monday, August 15, 2011

super busy single mom.

i started a new job today.. as a teacher with my own classroom.. to three-year-olds. what a daunting task! however, it will provide the experience i need in order to apply for my internship for my degree which is always exciting. i'm making good on my five year plan this way! it also nice to be able to contribute to lives of children and help shape who they become. (ask me how i feel in a few weeks!) but honestly, i'm excited. the only thing my heart is really missing out on is dropping luke off at his school and picking him up. it was always so super rewarding to do those things. i'm still receiving the daily emails from his school letting me know what he's up to but i can't help but yearn for my child when i'm around 15 others that aren't him. lets just say... i covered him in hugs and kisses when i got home!!

i'm still going to work in retail to keep my insurance... along with going to school full time. (what am i thinking??) you do what you have to do. such is life as a mom. and especially a single mom. 

luke should be starting soccer practice within the next couple of weeks! opening day is september 10th. we will be so super busy. i can't wait! i think.  i will be his biggest fan.

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  1. I taught 3 year olds last year..this year I am teaching VPK..I also go to school at night! I do understand the business of life..I also understand missing out on those small moments, that matter a lot!:(