Thursday, August 4, 2011

luke's first day.

i suppose i should add to my last post (but i'm not. i'm doing it here), that WAS about you. but you knew that. i'm pretty sure.

anyway, something MAJOR happened today: my child started school. i knew it was coming. we prepared for weeks. the mario backpack.. the clothes. but then? it really happened. my alarm clock laughed in my face at 6:40am telling it was going to happen. granted, at 6:40am i'd rather pretend he's still 2 years old and he isn't growing up so that i could pull the covers back over my head. but, alas. it happened. the world is growing older,  i guess my son is too.

i think the hardest part was pretending to be "SUPER" excited so he'd get out of bed. admittedly, he inherited my "i hate mornings" gene. so, after some prying him from the comfort of the sheets, we managed to make him presentable. insert "the look" here.

he's a realist already. 

overall, he did well. i didn't cry. i surprised myself. i took a loooong nap after returning home which was a blessing. afterward, it was time to pick dude up. 

i have promised him for a year that we'd visit the "batman store" in town. so, i surprised him and we went . it's just an old comic book store. he was pretty much in heaven. when i asked how his day was he said "i don't know what to tell you." alright then? but, that's my dude. i expect nothing less.

now. for the obligatory pictures!

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  1. You're doing an awesome job. "The Dude" looks really happy. Congrats on your first day of school!