Friday, August 26, 2011

checking in.

one full time job. one part time job. throw in tuesday and thursday soccer practice for little dude. school online (average of three papers due weekly). oh.. being a mom. etc. that's my life. i do it because i choose to. for my son. for myself. i try not to complain. really. but good grief, i'm exhausted. mentally and physically. however, working 60+ hours a week has given me more energy. does that make sense? i'm waking up at 6am and working until five on most days, 10pm on others .. yet... i feel like i can tackle the global health problems or something. what gives? again, i can't complain. i'm feeling so much better about myself as well. i guess making more money and having a 5 o'clock pm off time really makes me feel grown up for something. and really, having my life so planned to the minute has made me happy that i'm single.

anyway. i promise a good post on the latest this weekend. (ya know, on my one off day- sunday!)


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