Sunday, August 14, 2011

playing catch up.

warning: huge picture post.

thursday, august 11th, i met up with a good friend from a decade ago (holy crap, i'm old) and we took a trip to atlanta. we went to see our favorite band, death cab for cutie. if you have never heard of them, shame on you. they are amazing. anyway, we entertained ourselves with some robot dancing, fist pumping, and of course.. the fabulous voice of ben gibbard!

note- i did not drink and drive.
i was just holding the drink while kim snapped the photo of the robot!

a little fist pumping action. before this, we had been virgin fist-pumpers.

kimster and i.

our feet. mine are on the right. i scored these hideous things for $5
and i love everything about them. picture worthy, for sure.

we ate at my favorite late night spot in atlanta, fellini's pizza.
if you haven't ever eaten there, GO!

my mom bought an extra wii controller so two people can play. sounds perfect, right?
unfortunately i'm super competitive and i won't allow my son to win.
bad mom.

on saturday, i was itching to do something creative. i never get this feeling anymore.
usually i'd rather just sleep.
 but this table was driving me insane with the "catch all" it had become.

so i scoured the house and found a few things.
did the reno on the free.
granted, this is NOT  my style. but it is my mom's house.
and her things. so ..
i decided to do a little "country shabby chic" thing she loves.

the end product. i think it turned out decent! 

the dried flowers in the pitcher are from my grandpa's funeral.
some people may think that is weird on the table..
but if you are allergic as i am to anything that grows, you'll love dried flowers.

before heading to the store, luke wanted a little photo time.
notice his hair? spur of the moment mallory trip.
 he loves it; as do i!

seriously, he should model.

i can't believe i was part of making such a gorgeous kid.

so. same day i was feeling creative? i should have stopped at the table setting.
i decided to cook. um. i can't boil water properly.
but i tried my and at eggplant parm. it WOULD HAVE been good
but the eggplant didn't cook long enough so there was no biting in to that rubber.
oh well, the dogs liked it.

and lastly. around here we are gearing up to play our first sport-- soccer!
someone even wore their cleats to sunday dinner today.

there ya have it!
i have much more to share about some major changes.
but i'm going to wait until tomorrow.



  1. He looks so much older!! He's such a cutie! Wish he was that silly when I see him. :0( glad y'all like the cut.... he's so "high fashion!!"

  2. spend a day with him! he'll act crazy :) then you'll miss quiet luke. haha. and yeah, "high fashion" on clearance at target!!
    love you