Sunday, August 28, 2011


when i was pregnant, i remember praying to hit the milestones without a hitch. ya know, the first ultrasound praying there would be a heartbeat. the 20 week ultrasound where you still hoped there would be a heartbeat as well as a healthy baby. 28 weeks.. knowing there was a chance of being viable. 34 weeks knowing your child has a strong chance. 37 weeks.. being full term and getting so excited. praying for 10 fingers and 10 toes as well as good apgar results.

what they fail to mention in the pregnancy books is that the worry doesn't stop at birth. it only multiplies from there. i remember luke having health problems; constant projectile vomit at every meal. countless doctor's appointments. then the diabetic test. the blood draws. the cystic fibrosis test. on pins and needles for results. i remember when we realized he had an eye that was misshapen; the doctor telling us that at least it was reacting to light but only time would tell if it was cosmetic or not. (note- he still has this misshapen eye.. an ophthalmologist should be consulted although kiddo can see)

then he headed to school a few weeks ago. i find myself questioning if he is where he should be mentally. i mean, he's smart. he can beat up to world 5 on mario brothers.. but he can't follow direction. is it affiliated with his eye? is it some form of dyslexia? what is it?

the problem is.. he is SO painfully shy. if he isn't understanding something, he will be the last to tell the teacher. he came home with homework a few days ago; just a test to see where he lies with his IQ. one of the questions said "tell your child to put a book in the middle of the table" i did. he didn't understand where the middle was. then it said "put a book between the couch cushions" .. he sorta understood this. lastly, "tell your child to put the book under a table." he didn't understand that at all. things like "end" or "beginning" have no meaning to him. you can point in an object's direction and he won't understand. in soccer, he didn't understand blocking the ball from going into the net although the other children seemed to get it. maybe i'm being overly worried. i'm' not sure. i just know that i'm concerned.

i've always been the type that would never use ADD/ADHD medication unless it was truly truly truly needed. as in.. a brain test or something measurable. so, i'm not going there. but..

ideas? thoughts?


  1. Rach, I don't know if these are things we should be teaching our kids before they head to school, middle, between, under... but if you as him to look under the table for something, does he know where to look? That might be a way to see if he knows where you are talking about. If you asked him to find his contoller between the couch cushions would he know where to look? I think Luke really is a smart kid, maybe he needs something to grab his attention, like incorporating things he likes into the questions... if you were standing in front of the tv while he was playin mario would he know you were blocking him from seeing hence playing? It could be related to blocking the ball from the net so the other team can't "play" or "score" like he can't score on a video game if he can't see through you.... I don't know, just some suggestions. Call me love! :0)

  2. I just read your blog and was thinking... they shouldn't ask someone to place an item in the "middle" of the table. They should use the term "center." "Middle is figurative, while the center is an actual place. That could be confussing for a kiddo.